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The company joined the postpartum repair center
Release time: 2019/09/05
  At present, our company has added post-natal repair center, and has a number of large flagship stores in the southwest and other places, with high-quality service quality, words and signs。
In the years of rapid growth, the postpartum repair center takes health and effectiveness as its corporate mission, and takes "advocates in the field of women's health and pregnancy" as its corporate goal, and builds a postpartum recovery health brand。Ingenuity service ・ Pregnancy beauty life!With professional postpartum course management, we provide natural and scientific recovery methods for new mothers with postpartum problems such as overweight, body deformation, breast deformation, back pain, and milk scarcity。At the same time, the company has innovative post-natal recovery technology, tailors a comprehensive and effective recovery report for customers, and has strict monitoring and evaluation of each link of implementation, so that every customer can get satisfaction, high-quality service。
    The postpartum restoration center represents beauty, health, happiness and love。Beautiful mother thinks: because the female talent has achieved hundreds of millions of families, because the establishment of the family ushered in the second transformation。The existence of beautiful mother is only for the hundreds of millions of Chinese mothers to enjoy the joy of their babies, but also to appreciate the delicate care brought by the beautiful mother recovery Center。

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